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unter Strickland--an Embarrassment to the Giants+ plus

So nice to see him back----if they had an ounce of class they would have given him unconditional release. They kicked the likable Melkey Cabrerra to curb.
At least he didn't ruin another person's career (Morse) What an idiot--part of an overall unwatchable and unlikeable team.
Other thoughts.
If Matt Cain truly "retired" wouldn't it be true that he did not receive a buyout the following year. Marichal had integrity to retire after making team, McCovey retired mid-season--Will Clark retired mid-contract. You'd think someone like Cain who basically ripped Giants off during last 4 years of contract would have had class to really retire. But let's pretend he "retired".
Next---the field. For an organization whose attraction is so centered on park, you'd think the field would be pristine. But no---in their ever ending desire to squeeze every last penny out of it they host a RUGBY tourney--with predictable results. Nice job.
Hunter Pence---taking up a space. Any organization interested in winning would plug in another warm body.
Drafting and developing a 30 HR hitter? When will it happen?
Well, Pence has said goodbye and the Giants have said goodbye to Strickland.