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Devastating News - Pence may be out 2 months

I don't know if anyone reads these posts, but I feel compelled to write again. In my last post I noted the lack of activity this off-season by my beloved Giants - simply shameful on the part of ownership! Now we all just learned that Pence may miss up to 2 months with a broken arm! Given the lack of effort to improve our Giants this horrible news leaves the Giants with even less power, a weakened starting outfield (Aoki, brittle Pagan and Blanco) and weaker bench. This is no way for a World Championship team that sells out every home game to enter a new season. Frankly, the Giants have no chance this season and it sickens me. The 3 championships in 5 years was great - but now we are destined to finish in the toilet THIS season. Thanks a lot Giants, way to spoil a season before it begins!!!
The good news is that he will be back. Of course, we all wish him a speedy recovery. Devastating? Yes. But given how last season went, I think we could look like garbage for most of the season and still make a run late. They are not going to trick me again into thinking this team is terrible.
Pence upbeat after forearm fracture, says he's a quick healer
Tough break. Hope there are no long term problems with the injury. The lineup doesn't appear that strong. I would be surprised if we score a lot of runs. But the Giants have a way of surprising us.
We didn't score a lot of runs last year. Seemed to work out. No more doom and gloom from me.
Get well soon dude.