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Zack Grienke

I'll admit the guy is good and all, but it pisses me off to see polls that have rated him higher than Lincecum. To be more specific, there were a couple of polls in my SI magazines that rated the best young stars as franchise players. One of them had Grienke overwhelmingly over Lincecum, but of course the issue came out within the first 2 months of this season when everyone was on his nuts.

There was a second one out there just recently in SI, and I think it had Grienke and Lincecum pretty close. I still don't get it though. Timmy's got a Cy Young under his belt, and could be on the pace for a 2nd. Grienke on the other hand has yet to put together a full dominating season.

Call me a homer and all, but what do people see in Grienke that makes them rate him over Timmy?

Oh by the way, Grienke's getting rocked by the Rays right now (5 ER in 4 IP so far).
Yea, I think we had this debate a little while ago on another thread. I agree completely. Their ERA's and WHIP's are comparable and Timmy has more strikeouts and wins. The big thing though is that this is Greinke's first really great season as you mentioned. Timmy, with the Cy Young already and possibly a second this season, has to get the nod over Greinke. I guess people will argue that the AL has better hitters and more potent lineups, but Timmy handled the Phillies' lineup pretty well.