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just found out my buddy got traded from the red sox

kris negron got traded for alex gonzalez of the reds

i remember seeing on espn it was a minor leaguer going to the reds but i didnt know it was him =[

i knew him from my sister foreverrrr
he use to come over and stuff

i just thought id share

anyone know anything about him?
cuz it would make me feel good if u guys knew about him without googling him
I see im a bit late to this thread (just about 5 years holy sh*t). I actually went to high school with Kris Negron at Vanden High School, and played little league in Vacaville. I assume you know where that is since your username has 707 in it. He was a nice guy back then, he was pretty much our best player when I played with him. He was SS back in those days...I saw he hit his first big league HR last season too for the Reds