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Stephen Strasburg - Bad mechanics?

Dude just signed and from the videos I've seen, he's an absolute stud. He's got insane stuff and that overpowering fastball.

However..... with all that power, I've read about some flaws in his mechanics recently. One of the most glaring is the "inverted W", which is basically part of his throwing motion where he raises his throwing arm higher than his normal shoulder height. This "inverted W" is actually featured right smack in front of CNNSI today since he just signed his monster deal.

See the "inverted W"?

Mark Prior anyone?

Strasburg reminds me a lot of Mark Prior - a truly dominant right-handed college pitcher with troubling mechanics: Bad arm action combined with slow tempo. I predict a steady loss of velocity over the first few years of his career leading to him dropping his arm slot and then a major shoulder injury.

isnt an inverted W an M?
Prior would have been dominant if he had a good pitching coach. Mechanics is everything. If this kid has the same motions as Prior, Tommy John is in his future along with a high ERA. If the Nats can correct him, he will pay dividends.
Originally posted by Poncho707:
isnt an inverted W an M?

It is, but I didn't make up the term.
Interesting comparison between Lincecum's and Strasburg's mechanics
Originally posted by HaiGuise:
Interesting comparison between Lincecum's and Strasburg's mechanics

That's actually pretty interesting. I really hope Strasburg doesn't break down early in his career like Prior did a few years ago. He will be fun to watch. He's been dominating so far and I wouldn't be surprised to see him get called up towards the end of the year
well he got called up and pow he looks good, i dont know the story with prior, but if they say all these guys can be linked mechanics wise, i hope this isnt why timmy has had so much trouble, i would cry........
wow srcasm76 you nailed it on the tommy john