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McGwire 'Roids Admission

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Well I didn't think he had it in him...

The apology, not the juice.

I guess this is his way of addressing the issue in hopes of getting on with his careeer in baseball.

I find it funny that the old boy network and his buddy LaRussa believe his reclaimation is necessary as I doubt it will help the Cardinals to have him in the spotlight like this during the season.

I have to assume the issue won't go away except where they name highways and areas of the stadium after him.

He'll be hearing it on the road for many years... not just the juice but the ducking of Congress and general ducking of the accusations from the beginning.

I remember when he was caught with the Androstendione and his denial it was "enhancing" and that it was a precursor and not banned.

He still seems to be in a huge state of denial about his numbers and the effect the 'roids had on them.

His statement that he "had the God given ability to hit HR's" and that he initially used to recover from injury.

Because of Pettitt's being absolved by playing the "injury" card they all will go this route now and I hope Jose Canseco continues to tell the real truth behind the whole scene as he seems to be the only one NOT in some state of denial about the actual value of steroid to baseball players.

I wish we all could try them just to see what we could accomplish on the juice. I bet no one us would have any doubt about their value as soon as they were coursing through our veins.

To attempt to say the use was supplementary rather than necessary to your stats is completely laughable at this point given the numbers spikes that surround the years of usage in all of these users.
I wonder how much of the "apology" was due to coming back to the game as the hitting coach for the Cards and how much was him feeling the need to come "clean" prior to a reporter doing an article. I doubt if it was because he felt the need now with no outside pressures. I like Mac but I think something else prompted this performance.