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can't wait for the season to start.
Originally posted by 49erwill:
where is my offer?

The offer applies to you too. Will you unban me for $500?
will u not unban apple for 600?
first official practice of TC August 1st!!!
only 5 days to Rookies Report.
I can't wait for this season to start. This is the most excited I have been about the team in a long time.
Originally posted by Apples:
I'm not allowed there...unless you accept my $500 offer.

I'll kick in a 100.00 we can go as a easy paypal transfer
Originally posted by Poncho707:
will u not unban apple for 600?

DONE. pay me my money.
think crabtree needs a new agent...what is it 4 or 5 days now? come on get real already...9ers pay fairly...
I guess i don't mind the holdout as much because of Morgan stepping up and others also stepping up but if it were a couple of years ago, i would be mad at him not being in training camp.
Day 6. Any word on how things are going?
lol ninertalk went to hell
Originally posted by ads_2006:
lol ninertalk went to hell

What do you mean went. Been there for a couple of years.
my neice called me around 12 am and said shes at the marriot hotel in santa clara and all the 49ers just walked in and are hanging out in the lobby. well some are. and she doesnt know any of them but she asked the clerk person who they were cuz they were signing autographs and he told her. so if ur in SC then u might wanna go by there sometime
I'm going to Arizona for the game this weekend :)