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Vick or Favre?

if u owned a team and they had no qb at all and u had to sign either vick or favre to ur team to become the imediate starting QB all season, who would u choose?

this isnt long term, just this 1 year and vick has no suspension

Who would u choose?
cant get both lol
I would chose Vick because he would come cheaper and I think he would try hard to prove himself. I know that I wouldn't have to deal with his I'm Retiring, NVM I'm Not BS in the offseason. Brett Favre is a INT machine. People would tune in to watch either guy.
I would go with Vick due to his ability to make plays out of the pocket. Not many QBs can keep the score close by running the ball. Favre might throw for more yards and TDs, but he would also throw you out of games.

Then again, Vick has been out of football for 2 years now, so who knows how long it would take for him to get back into things.
I have nothing against Vick getting back in the league, but I'm not ready to hand him the keys to the team as starting QB. Haven't seen him throw in 2 years.

As much as I dislike Favre, I'd have to go with him for one season. aint even close
I despise Favre, but for just one season, he's the clear choice here. If you're considering the future of your team, I would take Vick for sure.
wow.. seriously?

Brett Favre and not even close. He proved before he got hurt at the end of last season that he can still be a pretty damn good QB. The Jets were looked at as a very mediocre team that would at the most be a 6-10 team coming into the season. They were 9-3 before he got injured and were talked about as one of the best teams in the AFC, if not NFL coming off an impressive win against a then-undefeated Titans team on the road.

People here would really want Michael Vick over a hall-of-fame QB, especially since Vick hasn't played football in 2 years? Wow, the Favre hate from Niners fans is amazing.