Hi everyone!

We are a company out of Laguna Beach, CA and we just received our inventory for this 2017 S.F. Giants series wrist watches.
One of our sales reps showed us this forum(He is a lifelong Giants fan) so we just thought we would share it with you guys if you don't mind of course.

There are 9 different styles and each watch has a specific set of features. Most come with a limited lifetime warranty and are ALL officially licensed. (no knock-offs)

If you would like to ask questions about any of the watches we will be happy to answer them.

You can check them all out here if you like- https://goo.gl/bD9evY

Here is preview of 4 different styles- http://i65.tinypic.com/2r2oc46.jpg

We really don't into to spam the forums so we posted it here to give you guys first crack at these