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Perhaps a Mod Will See This

I'm unable to post anywhere in 49ers Webzone. Not sure why. It's just that the text box that I'm typing into right now, which does exist for me on Giants365, is suddenly just not there on all 49er Webzone threads. There's no box for a Subject. And no box below for me to post in. I am signed in. I have not received any messages that I've been banned from posting, nor would I have done anything to deserve such a fate. But, I have a feeling that if something is wrong on my end, there's probably problems for other people as well.

I just thought you should know, should a Mod ever pop by and check this page.
I see you are posting on the WZ. 👍🏼
Originally posted by 49erwill:
I see you are posting on the WZ. 👍🏼

Some people wish I wasn't.