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Happy Thanksgiving.

Hope eveyone has a great day, filled with savory memories and tasty treats.

ill post about my day when its over

next time ipost i will be 43 pounds heavier =]
just got back

superrrr fun

i highly recommend the game CATCH PHRASE

the BEST game for a big group like today

so fun
and im going black friday shoppin tonight =]
Let me know what you give me from your black friday shopping. I am looking for a 50" LCD.
mannn i went to the outlets. it was way to crazy
you wait in line to enter a store that has a line to the register so it was wayyyy to crazy

me and my dude justin just went into tacobell to get something to drink and sat down and met some girls and just ended up hanging out with them the entire time lol

didnt buy anything

but i heard walmart has some insane deals on tv's but they might be sold out =/