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anybody playing football?

my practices started 2 weeks ago, its practice for learning the playbook-not mandatory, which is for conditioning which is for the real practicessss

optional practice now is 5-7, shorts and shirts and cleats

conditioning is every day over summer break except weekends, think 3-630

then practice everyday after school..

i love it

anyone else playing?
it would be fun to know whats goin on around

i play for vacaville high too
Back in the day ... a little.
Originally posted by GiantsFan:
Back in the day ... a little.

any good stories?
the colts starting linemen Kyle devann graduated from our school. he was cut by the jets and came by to visit and i was working out and he was my partner the day. he was really nice and i didnt even think he would make it in the nfl

but he started in a superbowl. pretty cool
and thomas williams was drafted by the jags a while back, hes from vaca high. and george martin is from this area too, the old giants LB
Starting our real conditioning monday. working out and running drills then gasserssss.

Going for #42 . Lott baby =]
Yes I did play. But now I play baseball and love it a lot!